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Our Services

CNC Plasma Cutting

At RCM manufacturing we offer custom CNC plasma cutting. We are capable of cutting a variety of metals including steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. We have a design team in-house to help serve our customers on time and reliably.  


We help our customers in many ways with their cutting needs.  One of the ways we can do this is to draw parts for them with our CAD program. Or if they prefer we can also receive already drawn DXF files and simple just cut the parts they have already designed. Sometimes, due to personnel shortages at other fabrication shops, this can be a great way for them to still make deadlines without outsourcing too much of their work.


Here at RCM no job is too small or too large. We can cut one part or 1,000. Unlike some other fabrication shops, we do not have any minimum orders or quantities. 

Precision Milling

Precision milling is something RCM can offer to just about anyone. We can make you a single bushing to substitute for a discontinued item or a complex tool or bracket for a multimillion-dollar piece of equipment. If you are inventing a new tool, machine or piece of equipment, our design team can assist you. We can take your ideas and turn it into a 3D model, then into a physical part.


Whether you need one part or multiple parts, RCM can help. Our milling capabilities are comparable to the biggest tool and die shops or the largest fabrication shops but we can offer a more intimate experience. 

Custom Welding & Fabrication

At RCM we pride ourselves on our welding and fabricating capabilities. We offer a very wide range of welding and fabricating services. We are capable of welding with many different processes and with many different types of metals. MIG, TIG, and stick welding is the foundation of our weld shop and from there it branches out into more specialty welding. 


Whether you need a custom aluminum ramp fabricated or a heavy-duty trailer for a specific need built. We can help. Our certified welders can handle almost any task. While we enjoy the custom one offs and specialty jobs, we also offer production shop services. Repeat business is something RCM takes very seriously. Our quality and dedication to service is the reason our customers come back to us time and time again.

Design Build

At RCM manufacturing our design build program is industry leading. Our build team can help you through out the entire process. From start to finish we can assist you.  We take the time to sit down with our customers and have a face to face conversation about their specific build needs and what they want. No matter the job or the size of the job, we invest the same energy and dedication.

Once the customer approves the 3D model and the prints, we start production. We are with you every step of the way and keep you informed of the progress.  All work is done here at our facility in Hastings Minnesota.  We do not outsource any parts or labor of the build. The reason why we do all work in house is to maintain complete control over the build.  This helps us to ensure that our customers get the quality products we promised and on schedule.  The quality that we demand supersedes what is industry standard as well as our commitment to on-time delivery. We only use premium parts and top of the line materials. From quality and craftsmanship to fit and finish, our standards are among the highest in the industry.

Decorative Custom Metal Art

Decorative metal art is something we get very excited about here at RCM.  We enjoy a lot of the things we do but, there is just something special about making artistic pieces. Some of the artistic pieces we do also serve a practical purposes as well.  Take for instance a fence with a decorative design cut into it, or deck railings with decorative touches. Our design team can take almost any idea or picture or any combination of the two and turn it into something tangible. 

Some examples of decorative art that we have done for our customers varies all the way from back lit metal 3D commercial signs to custom cabinetry inlays as well as personalized yard art. If your looking for a custom piece of art to set your home apart from your neighbors, something to gather the attention of prospective customers, or maybe you’re looking for that special focal point to create conversation. RCM is here to help. 

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